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Tuesday 24 June 2014

To Feel Happier As Yourself!

   I can understand the offer made to the former No.6, that he would feel happier as himself, to wear his own suit of clothes. But what I don’t get it, is what was it that No.48 did to have himself brought to the proceedings of ‘Fall Out,’ and for him to be allowed to wear his own clothes? I suppose he’s there as a kind of court jester, to both amuse and entertain. Then on the other hand he’s one form of revolt, uncoordinated youth which rebels because it must, but against nothing it can define. Its quite clear that the President will have no truck with No.48, he’s not the kind of person to be an example to the administration of The Village. It makes you wonder why he’s there at all, unless it’s to help demonstrate to the members of the Assembly what a good choice the former No.6 would be. Because it’s no use choosing the ex-No.2, who isn’t even afforded the opportunity to feel happier as himself, there being no time to….but on the other hand there would have been ample time whilst the medical team resuscitated the ex-No.2, for someone to fetch No.2’s own clothes from his quarters. But it would seem that this ex-No.2 is not worthy of being afforded that luxury, to feel happier as himself! But then No.2 wasn’t himself, he didn’t feel happier as himself, because he was enjoying feeling like a “new” man! Mind you he, like No.48 before him, is only there to make No.6 look even better. Because what kind of example does the ex-No.2 set when he turns on, and bites the hand that feeds?! Its no wonder the President praises the former No.6 so highly when one considers the other material presented to the members of the assembly!

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  1. A good observation! The Hippie is brought to the assembly as a demonstration of how things shouldn't be or else how useless and expendable such a demeanour is considered (those people needing a "smack on their backside"). The old No. 2 on the contrary has overcome his former state, not only is he a "new man", he has regained consciousness which, in turn, makes him dangerous to the ruling powers. However, I'd like to think of the Presidential praise more as an embittered one (if that's the appropriate adjective). His speech about revolt, the 3 examples that represent it, although directed to his masked auditorium goes to us as well, the viewing public. No. 6's victory, his recuperation of his mental and personal stability enabling him to remain an individual is Janus-faced. The President himself says (not literally) "there's no use for someone like him". The trial No. 6 stands before is one of the dialectics of the individual vs. society. Any society is dependent on members to participate either out of their free decision or by (social, financial, physical
    whatever) coercion of some kind. No. 6 as the lone wolf hardly any society needs. That's one of the bitter truths within The Prisoner. - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      Your comment is put very nicley. There is no room for the lone wolf within society and belongs to the wilderness. Perhaps that is why No.2 in 'Once Upon A Time' was trying to alter the psyche of the boy No.2, telling him he must not grow up to be a lone wolf!

      Very kind regards

    2. Hello Arno, hello David,
      Number 6 as the individual hardly any society needs.. but maybe them's sour grapes, too. Maybe that's why he is so important to them. It seems to be a dialectical question in itself, doesn't it?
      Very kind regards,

  2. Itsays basically there isn't an easy solution or explanation. There isn't even a "method" or "code" along which one could be going in order to find one. Any new question affords a new approach. - BCNU!