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Thursday 19 June 2014

Professor Jacob Seltzman

    Professor Seltzman was developing a mind transference machine. Where did he begin that work, and to where did he take it? Seltzman was born an Kandersfeld Austria. It might have been that he began his work in an Austrian institute, after all he would need "Guinea pigs," people he could experiment on. Just how many people, or victims, Seltzman used in his experiments to perfect the process can never be determined. It is also quite on the cards that as the Nazi's would find Professor Seltzman's work interesting enough, and being a born Austrian Jew takes my mind to a very dark place.............
    And as the war was drawing to an end, Professor Seltzman, having finally perfected his mind transference process, could have used that process to become someone else, and thereby to disappear and avoid capture by either the Americans, British, or Russians. But that might be where "they" found the Seltzman machine, in a Nazi concentration camp!


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