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Thursday 26 June 2014

Do You Think that’s Wise Sir?

    "Do you think that's wise sir?" is the question the interim Number 2 should have asked. Plan Division Q was a cunning plan, but the one flaw was to involve Number 6. No plan involving Number 6 ever succeeded. And since when did The Village administration need an excuse to carry out anything, and that includes mass reprisals against innocent people, for the supposed assassination of a retiring No.2. That sounds more like a purge to me, the removal of troublesome people. The removal of persons who are believed to be malcontents disloyal to The Village, I wonder if No.6 was to have been amongst their number? Him being top of the list of malcontents, somehow I don’t think so, not when you take his importance to The Village.
   But Plan Division Q failed. There was no assassination/execution of the retiring Number 2. It was very dramatic on Appreciation day, but the citizens will never know of the plot. The only people who do know are Numbers 1, 6, 50, 51, the Interim Number 2, Number 2, 100, the Supervisor-No.26, and 22, as far as we know that is. No doubt Numbers 100 and 22 were returned to the depths of administration after Appreciation Day. The retiring Number 2, who returned to The Village would probably be quietly retired into the Old People’s Home, and the new Number 2 would be replaced for his failure. As for Monique and her father, well life in The Village just went on as normal I would imagine, as it would for Number 6.. As for the Supervisor-No.26, well he’s fireproof, and went on overseeing the work carried out in the Control Room.

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