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Friday 18 March 2016

Citizen No.?…… The Butler

  I would call you by your number, but apparently you don’t have one, or at least you do not wear a numbered badge. But then what is such a badge? Nothing more than an identification number to tell people who you are. And yet there is no mistaking who you are, butler and personal manservant to Number 2. You are unique in The Village. However one mistake people do make about you is, that they think you are mute, that you cannot speak. And yet you speak on at least two occasions, but sadly you are not heard to speak. On the first occasion in ‘A B and C’ you tell Number 2 on the telephone that Number 6 has called to see him. Why did you do that? After all any visitors to the Green Dome you usually show straight into 2’s office. Nothing to say for yourself eh? And then there was the occasion when Number 2 told you that he didn’t want to see anyone, hardly surprising when he had something else on his mind at the time. The small matter of his execution. He told you to tell Number 6 to go away. So you see you can talk…... still nothing to say for yourself? Well perhaps it’s a case of you having nothing worth hearing, is that it? Or perhaps you speak only when you have something worth saying. But how is it you get away with not having to wear your numbered badge? You have that much in common with Number 6, he doesn’t wear his either, unless on occasion it suits him to do so. Anyway I can’t stand here chatting away to you all day, things to do, people to see as they say. Where are you off to by the way? Oh you have your chess set with you, well I won’t keep you. Oh look out, here comes Rover!

Be seeing you

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