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Monday 7 March 2016

Resignation And Abduction

   ZM73 told the Colonel that his resignation was a matter of conscience, the reason being his own as he once told the Judge! That he resigned for peace of mind, is understandable. But sometimes I wonder whether ZM73’s resignation was purely coincidental to his having been abducted to The Village. In other words ZM73 may well have been abducted in any case. What makes me think that, is that the two undertakers were already waiting for him outside the underground car park. This strikes me as being much too soon for them to have been organised by the department he once worked for. It is always possible that the undertakers in the hearse had followed the Prisoner to that car park, and waited there for him to emerge again, then followed him again from there until ZM73 returned to his home. Further more the two undertakers who abducted ZM73 from his home, might well have had nothing whatsoever to do with his former department. But were responsible to another within British Intelligence!

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