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Thursday 10 March 2016

Thought For The Day

    One lump or two, Number 2 could never remember. But then that’s what Number 6’s file was for, so that he could refer to it on such occasions. Even the Manager of the Labour Exchange had a file on Number 6. Although the Manager did tell him a little white lie, that they had everything on him. But of course they didn’t know the reason behind his resignation. I like the Labour Exchange Manager Number 21 because he doesn’t have an ordinary plastic pocket file of typed text on sheets of paper on Number 6. He has everything about him hand written in an old fashioned ledger. I like that. There it is, The Village with all its fine modern day and futuristic technology, and there’s a chap still working with pen and ledger. That sort of thing I find quite refreshing. I admit technology is a wonderful thing, otherwise I wouldn’t be posting my blog on-line, which in turn helps me reach out to so many enthusiasts around the World. But one can have too much of it, to come to rely upon it too much. And so there are times when I myself like to do things which are termed as the old fashioned, by hand written letters. After all didn’t Patrick McGoohan use ‘the Prisoner’ to warn us against becoming too reliant on technology?

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