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Friday 25 March 2016

The Therapy Zone

    Since when did Number 2 go on leave? And where did he go? Away from The Village, or did he remain in The Village but simply take time off on holiday, a sort of busman’s holiday if you like, on a fortnight’s leave. I suppose its possible that other Number 2’s might have gone on leave, had they held the position for long enough. But to my mind they all appear to be interim Number 2’s, not one of them is permanent. But perhaps that’s it, perhaps Number 2, who returned to work just in time for his own retirement, could have been the permanent Number 2, and all the others merely interim. Such as the interim Number 2 played by Derren Nesbitt, who himself claimed that he was to have been the permanent Number 2. But then he’s not the only actor in ‘the Prisoner’ series to claim that, so did Peter Wyngarde, Number 2 in ‘Checkmate.’ But if Number 2 in ‘It’s Your Funeral,’ was the permanent Number 2, that would make the actor Andre Van Gyseghem the permanent Number 2, and in turn his successor would become the permanent Number 2!

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