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Saturday 12 March 2016

Six Knows The Way!

    “You know the way, now show us.”
                                   {The High Court Judge – Fall Out}

    That is what was spoken to Number 6 during ‘Fall out,’ I think it was a compliment, but certainly it was part of the praise being heaped upon him by the High Court Judge, or President, in this particular instance. But in France a President is a Judge, so its all the one thing. And in ‘Harmony’ in THEPRIS6NER, while Six is driving his bus on the guided tours around The Village {apparently he was a bus driver} and out into the desert, a couple of times he saw Two sitting in the back of the bus. He asked Six on those two occasions “Do you know the way?” It may be supposed that Two was simply asking the driver if he knew his bus route. On the other hand it might be some symbolic reworking of the phrase used by the President in ‘Fall Out.’ Meaning that if Six knows the way, then he should show them, and then Two can pass The Village onto him.

Breathe in….breathe out……more Village.

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