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Monday 28 March 2016

Many Happy Returns

   After the Prisoner had set sail aboard his sea-going raft, the tree trunks, rope, and oil drums had to be cleared away before the citizens were allowed out and about The Village. But before that, someone with a camera went down to the quayside, and took photographs of the debris left behind by Number 6’s raft building activity. This then enabled the tree trunks, rope, and oil drums to be replaced exactly where they were in time for the Prisoner’s return to The Village. And that was also the case with the broken cup and saucer, as well as the cat. {They were very fortunate to have found the cat when needed!} So that when Number 6 was returned to The Village, everything was as he had left it. Even to the point of switching off the electricity and water, but leaving both the coffee percolator and shower tap switched on, thus giving the impression that The Village was still deserted. However the Prisoner must have realised that that was not the case, that they had been using him as a pawn in one of their games. Certainly the words of the aircraft pilot “Be seeing you” would have been enough to tell him that he was back within their grip. Number 6 wouldn’t have heard the pilot’s words, because he removed his comms/oxygen mask. But perhaps too much emphasis is placed on the words spoken, and not so much on the visual aspect of showing the Prisoner the pilot’s face. Hence pulling up the visor of his helmet, then removing the oxygen/comms mask, and looking at the Prisoner over his shoulder. That way he would have seen that it wasn’t the RAF Group Captain flying the jet Aircraft, before he was ejected from the aircraft. And as the Prisoner descended to the beach on the end of a parachute, he had time to contemplate his return to The Village!

Be seeing you

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