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Thursday 3 March 2016


   After his confrontation with the membranic Guardian on the beach, Number 6 wakes up in a bed on a ward in the hospital. There he meets with someone he once knew, Cobb. Cobb couldn’t remember much, he might have been in The Village three or four weeks, perhaps months, it was difficult to work out. That’s the same with Dutton, he said it was difficult to say, a couple of months. They kept asking Cobb questions, they wanted to know all about him. He told them? Well he said he didn’t know. Cobb was in Germany, he remembered going back to his hotel, he went into the bedroom, he thought he went to bed. He was here! It makes one wonder just how they had abducted Cobb. Perhaps his death at the hotel was feigned, and he was taken away by two undertakers! After Number 6 has had his medical, he is returning to the ward. Suddenly there’s an alarm sounded, it’s the amnesia case, Cobb, he’s jumped out of the window, he’s dead! But had Number 6 the opportunity to look out of the window, as he did when Number 73 committed suicide by jumping through a hospital window, he would have seen that there was no body lying on the ground beneath the hospital window. But as it stands to Number 6, Cobb is now dead. Why? Why the need for that staged suicide, the need for Number 6 to believe Cobb is dead? After all Number 6 would have left the hospital, and after all there would have been no need for him to see Cobb again.
   Was it set up for Number 6 to meet Cobb on that hospital ward? I’ve been of the opinion that it wasn’t. But Number 2 did warn Number 6 that he might even meet people he knew. Well he did that alright, Cobb and Dutton, not to mention the Colonel and Fortheringay, although they were only temporary visitors. Even if the meeting between Number 6 and Cobb had been arranged, why the need for the arranged death by suicide, that was certainly for the benefit of Number 6. Which leads to the question, why the need for Number 6 to believe Cobb is dead?

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