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Tuesday 8 March 2016

The Schizoid Man

    Who did Rover think it was suffocating when it attacked Curtis? Did “it” know, did “it” care? Was “it” simply reacting by instinct when Curtis ran when challenged?
   Number 6 telephoned Number 2 and reported, as Curtis, that Number 6 was dead, Rover got him! But we only have Number 6’s word for that. Did he actually check Curtis’ body for signs of life, his pulse, breathing, or did he simply assume he was dead? The fact of the matter is we simply do no know. Number 6 is one of only three people in The Village we see, to have been attacked by the Guardian. There was that young chap in ‘Arrival’ but he was used in a demonstration to show the Prisoner what would happen if he stepped out of line. So Number 6 shouldn’t have assumed that Curtis was dead, suffocation by Rover doesn’t automatically mean death. Number 8 Nadia Rakovsky is living proof of that fact, she being the third person attacked by the Guardian.
   By what we see on camera, on the whole, Number 6 is the most often person to encounter the Guardian, perhaps it sensed it was Number 6 who was running away, attempting another escape when it attacked Curtis. It’s just as well it wasn’t Number 6, otherwise Number 2’s bacon would be well and truly cooked. But if it had been Number 6, the only way to have saved Number 2’s bacon would have been to have Curtis remain in The Village living out his life as Number 6!

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