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Friday 18 March 2016

Quote For The Day

    “I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, de-briefed, or numbered. My life is my own.”
                                                  {The Prisoner - Arrival}

   Well by the time of the end of ‘Arrival’ the Prisoner has been all those things on his list. What’s more his life is no longer his own, because he is a prisoner in what is basically a detention centre. His life is there’s, and there’s no-one in the world {The Village} to help him. What’s more I shouldn’t think ZM73’s life was his own in his former life, working for British Intelligence. He would be at their beck and call any time of day or night. Plus he wouldn’t have been able to tell anyone about it because he would have had to sign the Official Secrets Act. It’s surprising that his fiancée Janet Portland knew about the work he did. Although working for Sir Charles Portland’s department, I don’t suppose it could be kept a secret from her. I mean it’s quite possible that ZM73 {for want of a better name} could be away for a year, even longer, doing what? And what price his life being his own for all that length of time? Perhaps he could be away working undercover, in the persona of someone else, again where is his own life if he’s working as someone else? “My life is my own.” I mean what kind of statement is that to go and make? You life is never your own. We all belong to someone, unless one is an orphan and completely unattached to anyone in the World. But ZM73 was engaged to be married. And as it was, he was married to the department, until something went wrong and caused him to throw his life away by resigning his job. I couldn’t see Sir Charles Portland wanting anything further to do with ZM73 after that, let alone allowing him to marry his daughter!

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