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Saturday 26 March 2016


    At the end of ‘It’s Your Funeral,’ Number 6 said to the new Number 2, as he stops him from removing the Great Seal of Office, “Yes and so the great day is nearly over, it went off rather well I thought. Better than planned. And now you can look forward to your own retirement, and I’m sure they’ll arrange something equally suitable for you when the day comes. Be seeing you….won’t I?”
   Will he? After all he’d never seen Number 2 {Andre Van Gyseghem} before he called by the Green Dome to see Number 2. Because when he told him he wanted to see Number 2, Number 2 had to tell Number 6 that he was Number 2! So where had this Number 2 been all the time, how long had he been away on leave? Obviously long enough for at least three “interim” Number 2’s to serve in office while he’s been away, possibly more, especially if every Number 2 is interim. Perhaps this Number 2 {Andre Van Gyseghem} was the permanent Number 2, who had been working behind the scenes on a variety of projects for the good of The Village and its community. Leaving interim Number 2’s to deal with the likes of Number 6. But that doesn’t take into account Speedlearn. Oh well. We’ll forget about that for the time being!
      If a new Number 2 is appointed once a year, on Appreciation Day, and the retiring Number 2 was the permanent Number 2, perhaps that makes the new Number 2 {Derren Nesbit}, the new permanent Number 2. After all Derren Nesbitt claims that he was to have been the permanent Number 2, well perhaps this way he did become just that. And that’s why Number 6 questioned where he would see him again, seeing as he’d never seen the previous permanent Number 2 before. His predecessor forced to carry on the work behind the scenes until the day came for his own retirement… a year’s time!

Be seeing you

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