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Monday 21 March 2016


   After Cobb had supposedly committed suicide by jumping out of a hospital window, Number 6 was not afforded the opportunity of “making sure” in the same way he did after Number 73 had leapt through a hospital window to her death. He had to take it on face value what the medical orderly told him, that the amnesia case Cobb, had jumped out of the window, he’s dead! There was no reason for the Prisoner to doubt what the hospital orderly said. But why the need to fake Cobb’s suicide, and go to all the trouble to stage his funeral in the first place? After all anything could have happened to Cobb once Number 6 had left the hospital. He could have left The Village then, as there was no need for him to see Cobb again. But in this instance Cobb’s suicide and subsequent faked funeral, was all part of a master plan in order to bring Number 9 and Number 6 together at Cobb’s funeral. Otherwise how could the Electro Pass have been planted on Number 6, other than Number 9 giving the device to him? I’ll say this, whoever it was who came up with that plan, either Number 1 or Number 2, he thinks up plans well in advance. After all I cannot think it was a spur of the moment thing, to have Cobb placed on the hospital ward, so that the Prisoner would encounter him. Come to think of it, after the maid-Number 66 had failed to extract the reason behind the Prisoner’s resignation, Number 2 did tell the Supervisor that he’s no ordinary man, that this has to be handled very differently. So perhaps the plan involving Cobb began to be formulated after the failure with the maid. And yet that’s the last we see of Number 2, talking to the Supervisor in the Control Room. Because as soon as Number 6 is discharged from the hospital, his first port of call is the Green Dome to see Number 2. Only it’s a new Number 2, the former having been replaced. Was it simply because of the failure of the plan involving the maid-Number 66, that Number 2 was replaced? His successor brought in to over see a more elaborate plan, which will ultimately teach the Prisoner that escape is not possible. So there’s always a reason why they do what they do in The Village, although plans don’t always work out. Well, not when they involve Number 6!
  As for Cobb, was he really an amnesia case? It seems unlikely. He didn’t seem to have problems with his memory when he was ready to leave The Village. He could have been brought to The Village to have information extracted from him, as in the case of Walter Roland Dutton, and then turned to work for The Village in the outside world. Cobb being allowed to leave The Village. Or on the other hand, is it possible Cobb had been brought to The Village specifically for this latest plan? It seems incredible if he was, because it seems an awful lot of “round the houses” for such a brief encounter!

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