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Friday 25 March 2016

Quote For The Day

    “I’m not one of them.”
                          {Monique-Number 50 - It’s Your Funeral}

    That’s the trouble, no-one is, or no-one claims to be. And for the first time Number 6 isn’t about to be betrayed by a woman! Although Monique did come looking for Number 6’s help, although she’s not the first to do that. She involved him in an assassination plot against Number 2. Only when he came face to face with Number 2, he didn’t appear to recognise Number 6. And certainly Number 6 didn’t seem to recognise Number 2 that time he paid a visit to the Green Dome, because he asked to see Number 2! It can only be imagined that the current Number 2, who had been on leave, hadn’t had any dealings with Number 6 judging by the number of Village projects he had been involved with.
    As for Monique, she might have been duped into going to see Number 6, but her idea was pure enough. She wanted to save her father from a mad scheme of assassinating Number 2. But even then her father, Number 52, had been radicalised by Number 100 who was really in charge of Plan Division Q.
   Why go to all this rigmarole, when all they had to do was carry out a purge, to rid The Village of all known malcontents. But then that might have depleted the Village by almost half its population, although that’s only a guess. Because we might know how to distinguish between the prisoners and the warders, but we don’t know how many of each there are!

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