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Thursday 10 March 2016

Dance Of The Dead

    Number 6 sits on an outlook on top of the cliffs tuning in the pocket transistor radio. Suddenly he picks up a transmission, it's a message which begins "Tonight when the moon rises, the whole world will turn to silver. I have a message for you....................." As Number 6 listens to the message there comes a point when the voice on the radio asks "Do you understand? It is important that you understand." Well of course Number 6 doesn't understand, yet there is no ambiguity about who the message was for. Because the radio message is not meant for Number 6, but the man Number 6 found dead, and washed up on the beach. I believe it was Number 34, who the Supervisor told the Observer-Number 240, was dead.
   So having listened to the radio message, No.6 goes down onto the beach looking for a light, a ship, a plane, someone from his world. But of course there is no sign because as it stated in the radio message, "The appointment cannot be fulfilled. There are more important things which must be done tonight." It would seem that in Number 34, The Village had a "plant" within it's confines, but "they" got to him first, before Number 34 could receive the message that whoever it was expected, is no longer coming to The Village. A message which clearly seems that Number 34 had been abandoned by whomsoever, and for whatever reason, to his own devices in The Village. Just who was behind the voice heard over the radio, and from where did the transmitted message originate? What it was that Number 34 had originally expected to happen, and who exactly was Number 34 is where the ambiguity lies.

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