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Friday 4 March 2016

Quote For The Day

   “So to the outside world I'll be dead!”
                                  {Number Six {Dance of the Dead}
   A small confirmation of a known fact, according to Number 2. A known fact? Originally Number 6’s death at sea was to have been confirmed in ‘Many Happy Returns,’ the aircraft having crashed at sea, but the final scene was altered. So with Number 6 having discovered the body of a dead man on the beach {Number 34} he used the cadaver to try and send a message to someone, anyone in the outside World. But the trouble is the body was found, probably by the crew of M.S. Polotska, and was brought back to The Village. Now Number 2 was going to do the same. Of course the wallet found in the dead man’s pocket would need amending slightly. He would be amended slightly, so that it’s Number 6 who has died in an accident at sea. Just as it was originally to have been in ‘Many Happy Returns,’ and yet Number 2’s words “A small confirmation of a known fact” does seem to confirm the original idea. But then the two episodes ‘Many Happy returns’ and ‘Dance of the Dead’ were written by the same scriptwriter Anthony Skene.

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