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Thursday 17 March 2016

Thought For The Day

    Quite out of the blue, the following has occurred to me.
    Number 6 returns to his cottage finding his counterpart lying on the bed who has been reading a book. He produces a gas-gun, nerve gas, five yard range, one squirt you’re paralysed, two squirts you’re dead. But then in such a confined space, so would Curtis be, don’t you think? But I digress, Number 6 goes on to say “I couldn’t sleep. I came here because….who am I?”
       Well there’s no need for Number 6 to panic, we know who you are, Curtis knows who he is, and more importantly so does Number 6! So upon impersonating Number 6, but as Number 12, he goes to see Number 2. Number 2 may have a slight doubt, but he sends the man he thinks to be Curtis, to see Alison, as she might have some insight into Number 6’s motivations. She doesn’t, but is left in no doubt as to the identity of the man who paid her a visit in the guise of Number 12. Later “Curtis” changes into his civilian clothes, and prepares to leave The Village. But just a minute, isn’t there a mistake being made by Number 2 in allowing Number 12 to leave The Village looking like Number 6? Surely Curtis should at least have undergone a make over in order to make him look like his former self before he was allowed to leave. Time might even have been given in order for Curtis to re-grow his hair to its correct colour of black, as well as his moustache, so that his appearance is the same as on the day he arrived in The Village. Because if Curtis was to return to wherever he had been seconded from looking like Number 6, people there, either wouldn’t recognise him, or if they did, would want to know what had happened to him? As it is, Susan died a year ago, but looking the way he did she would have hardly recognised Curtis when he returned to her!

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