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Monday 21 March 2016

Who’s that On The Telephono?

    Number 2 is speaking with Number 1.
   “Yes splendid………..oh he’ll be no trouble, just a matter of time……… tomorrow night, we’re preparing for it now………… yes I wish you could come too.”
   Judging by the expression on Number 2’s face after the telephone conversation, it suggests that she thinks it might have been interesting had Number 1 been able to attend the Ball. Certainly judging by what Number 2 said, Number 1 not only asked about the Ball, but expressed the wish that he could be there.
   But in what way would it have been interesting if Number 1 had been able to attend the Ball? At this stage no-one knew who Number 1 was. He could have been there, in disguise, in fancy dress costume and no-one would have been any the wiser. And yet perhaps Number 1 had better things to do, being too busy to attend such frivolities as a Ball. Then again perhaps Number 1 wished simply to maintain his or her anonymity. After all anonymity is the best disguise. However with hindsight, perhaps Number 1 did attend the Ball, as himself, yet in the guise of Number 6!

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