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Sunday 6 March 2016

The Butler

    The diminutive butler, manservant, valet, and personal gentleman’s gentleman, is not the first of his kind. Mute and being a dwarf, the {1954} film “The Million Pound Note” saw Mr. Harry Adams {Gregory Peck}, a supposed American millionaire, take to him a mute diminutive Circus strongman {played by Reginald Beckwith} as his personal valet and man servant. 
   Yet this is not the only connection between the two diminutive men. Actor Reginald Beckwith played a Circus strongman, whilst Angelo Muscat who played the
Butler, although diminutive in stature, was immensely strong. Indeed there was the occasion when Angelo actually picked up, and carried Patrick McGoohan and Alexis Kanner, the one under each arm at the same time!

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