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Tuesday 1 March 2016

Citizen No.20?

   It is Number Twenty isn’t it? I only ask because I cannot quite make out your number. Oh well its immaterial, it’s you that matters not your number. You’ve done well for yourself haven’t you, promoted from Manager of the Labour exchange, to assistant to Number 2. But you didn’t appear to hold that position for very long. Because apart from seeing you with Number 2 when you suggested that there are methods not yet been used, we don’t see you again with Number 2, however we do see you in the Control Room. What was it, demoted to being an assistant to the Supervisor? Well I can see the point in that. Number 2 was a very competent administrator, but was hardly overworked when it came to dealing with Number 6. All he had to do was to oversee that Number 6’s escape plan went according to plan, and he certainly didn’t need you for that. But perhaps there was another reason for your sudden demotion. What was it you suggested to Number 2?
    “There are methods we haven’t used yet of course. He’ll crack.”

    Number 2 didn’t take well to that at all, he didn’t want to end up with a man of fragments. He might have thought the idea of such methods a little extreme. Perhaps it might have been better for you to have kept your opinion to yourself. But then I suppose that as Number 2’s assistant you would be expected to make suggestions, and express opinions, to offer advice. However on a personal level it might have been better for you to have remained in office at the Labour exchange. After all, as manager there you were the boss.
  Oh just one other trivial matter, why didn’t they let you use your own voice?

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