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Friday 11 March 2016

Quote For The Day

    “Confide and we concede”
                                 {The High Court Judge - Fall Out}

    And then what, they would let Number 6 go, just like that? Yeah I bet they would, especially after having taken all the trouble to bring him to The Village in the first place. Then to spend all that time and effort in trying to extract the reason behind his resignation. But it wasn’t really about that, after all people resign from their jobs everyday, and no-one bothers about them. Confide and they would have Number 6, and the one detail lacking from his personal file. And yet before long, Number 6 would be on his way, just like Cobb, to meet his new masters, although under different circumstances. But Number 6 is made of sterner stuff, not like the Colonels and Fotheringay. Even though having left British Intelligence, ZM73 is still loyal. Perhaps he even feels himself still bound by the Official Secrets Act. Even Roland Walter Dutton had held out for as long as he could, before he gave them what he knew, which wasn’t that much, seeing as he hadn’t access to the “vital stuff.” And Number 2, what of he? Having originally having been brought to The Village as a prisoner, he resisted for so short a time. Something he later regretted, but then he did attain a position of authority. Something that might have been offered to Number 6, but he wouldn’t have taken it even if it had been. And when it was, well ‘Free For All’ was a test of that authority, to see what Number 6 would do in having attained it. But then they knew anyway, but still put 6 to the test. And he did not fail them.

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