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Tuesday 1 March 2016

Numbers And their Relationships

    In 'Free For All,' why do Number 113 {the reporter for The Tally Ho} and Number 113b {his photographic colleague}, and possibly Number 113c {the dispenser of The Tally Ho} share the same number, albeit sub-divided? Two of them are identical twins, clones, or plain look-a-likes that would explain 113b and 113c, but not 113. So it might simply be because they are colleagues working for The Tally Ho. The electrician and gardener in ‘Arrival’ are identical twins, they even dress identically, although that might simply be because of the uniform they wear. Clearly it is impossible to see whether or not they share the same number, but the electrician wears the negative badge {black background and white Penny Farthing} and it’s my bet the gardener does also!
   Number 6 also has a twin, or rather a look-a-like in The Village, Number 12, that’s two times 6. Well what other number would a look-a-like for Number 6 have? He’s twice 6 and two 6’s equals 12. And to take it a stage further, two times 12 equals 24, and makes Number 24 Alison. Is her number 24 a mere coincidence, or purposely done in order to maintain the relationship between numbers?
   And then there is the relationship between the Professor and Madam Professor, they do not wear badges. However seeing the purpose of the numbered badge is for reasons of identity, and the fact that the Professor and his wife hardly ever go outside their house, or wear Village attire, badges would seem superfluous to there situation.
   Number 51, the watchmaker in ‘It’s Your Funeral,’ doesn’t have a wife. Either he was brought to The Village without her, perhaps he was already a widower, or she died in The Village. His wife’s number might well have been either 49 or 51. Because Number 51 does have a daughter, Monique Number 50, another relationship between numbers.
   Finally the Number 8, who in ‘the Prisoner’ which is more often than not, a woman. It’s not until ‘Living In Harmony’ does Number 8 turn out to be a man. Nadia Gray as Nadia Rakovsky in ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ was to have been given the number 9, but seeing as that number had been used by Virginia Maskell in ‘Arrival’ perhaps they decided to change it to 8. But with that train of thought, had Virginia Maskell been Number 8, would that in turn have made Nadia Gray Number 9, her original number? And if Virginia had been Number 8, well she would have completed the whole set of female Number 8’s in ‘the Prisoner!’

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