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Thursday 17 March 2016

Rover Teaches No.6 A lesson!

    Its highly unlikely that Number 6 was attempting to run away from The Village that night during ‘Dance of The Dead,’ I expect he just wanted to get out of the claustrophobic atmosphere of his cell cottage. So upon managing to get out he went for a moonlit run along the beach, the wind in his hair, the spray of the sea on his cheek and all that. But then along came the Guardian, summoned at the click of a button by Number 2.
    So Number 6 thought to put himself to the test against the Guardian. It was no contest of course, the Guardian outpaced him without even trying. But how did it know Number 6 was not actually attempting an escape? It seemed to realise that Number 6 was putting himself to the test against it, and so the Guardian obliged. But having done so, ran Number 6 into the sand, leaving him breathless and on his knees! He’ll know not to try that one again. And no doubt the Guardian was de-activated by Number 2, knowing full well that Number 6 had no other place to go, other than eventually back to his cottage. 

Be seeing you


  1. What a wonderful accident that the original "Rover" didn't work, and we ended up with the Rover we all know and love! I wonder who came up the idea of having the roaring, electronic squeal and the semi heartbeat sound for Rover??? Happy St Patrick's Day to all...and especially to our Paddy in Heaven !
    Be Seeing You !!!

    1. Hello Karen,
      And throw in the sound of someone apparently breathing through an aqua lung, and gregorian chant added into the mix.... No doubt it was soneone in the properties department who came up with the sound effect, Mickey O'Toole would have known. i know the sound effect is discussed on a video tape about the produuction of 'the Prisoner,' but I can't for the life of me remember who it was for the moment.

      Kind regards
      Be seeing you