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Friday 16 December 2011

Bonham's Autioneers - The Prisoner Costumes Sold

Regular readers of my blog will recall these three costumes as worn in the Prisoner posted in a previous blog. The auction for these items of costumes took place yesterday at Bonhams Fime Art Autioneers on December 15th.
The overcoat worn by Patrick McGoohan in both Danger Man and A B & C sold for £1,625.
 The charcoal grey suit as worn by Patrick McGoohan sold for £1,250.
And the Village cape sold for £688.



  1. I noticed on the Bonhams site that the overcoat and the suit had been for sale before, back in 2005. It's unclear if they were schizoid twins of these items. The price for the cape is astounding, seeing as it was just bought in a shop and nothing to do with the show itself otherwise...... :-D

  2. Hello Moor,

    Quite right, both the suit and overcoat have been up for sale before in 2005, but I cannot recall how much they sold for then.
    I've seen the charcoal grey suit and overcoat before, along with one of the blazers worn by Patrick McGoohan, along with the cream 'Schizoid' blazer at the 30th anniversay event for 'the Prisoner'. I was permitted to try on the jacket of the suit, as I was wearing an identical suit, and it fitted me perfectly, a jacket once worn by Patrick McGoohan.
    Strange that the cape made better money than either the suit or overcoat, relatively speaking. But what do you do when you've got them? they are all very nice , but they need to be worn, and that's what I would do if I had had sufficiant spare funds to purchase them.

    As ever
    Be seeing you