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Saturday 31 December 2011

The Village Library

   I came across this book only yesterday, I have not read it, as I do not have a Kindle, nor do I know anything of Joseph Dickerson apart from him being is a designer and writer, and persumably a fan of the Prisoner who has written a number of essays on the series.

    The hardcopy of this volume of essays on the classic Television series the Prisoner is published in January 2012 priced at $3.99.



  1. He used to blog.
    I recognise the titles of one or two *chapters* as his ruminations upon the epoisodes.

    Presumably he suddenly realised there was no money in it....... :-D

  2. Hello Moor,

    Thank you for the web address, I'll have to take a look myself, persumably the site is still in existance.
    If it's money Joseph Dickerson is thinking of making out of his writings on 'the Prisoner,' he'll find there's precious little to be made!

    As ever