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Thursday 15 December 2011

No.6 Has Never Seen A Night - He Just Sleeps!

    Well of course that's not quite correct is it now, because No.6 is abroad one evening during The Chimes of Big Ben, sitting outside his cottage, talking to and dancing with Nadia as a child’s lullaby plays quietly. And this as night time draws on and darkness with it. And then of course its night time and well past the hour of curfew when No.6 and Nadia carry the components of the boat, and put them together down on the beach.
    What about the "Cat & Mouse" night club? No.6 leaves there in the company of No.58, when outside it is already evening, and by the time they drive out along the path beyond the village to the cave of the "Therapy Zone" its night time.
    The Schizoid Man sees No.6 out and about in the early evening. This when he is approached by two men who ask No.6 for the password, and having given the password Gemini, the wrong password a fight then breaks out between the two men and No.6.
    During the episode of The General, No.6 is out and about the village in the evening as a Mardi Gras atmosphere takes over the village, when the citizens celebrate the joys of Speedlearn.
    Of course this is all before Dance of the Dead and his statement of "I've never seen a night, I just sleep." No.6 then slips out of his cottage, when he tests himself against Rover, and then spends the night on the beach. And again during the evening after the sun has gone down, No.6 meets with No.2 down on the beach, Peter Pan and Mr. Tuxedo, why Tuxedo I have no idea, seeing as No.6 is actually wearing his own suit, which was delivered to him specially for the occasion of the Ball in the evening!
    And don't forget Checkmate when No.6 finds the rubber lilo abandoned at the shoreline by the rook. No.6 then sets off aboard the lilo himself in order to bring the boat closer in-shore, by which time it is again early to mid evening, the sun having long disappeared below the horizon. And during Hammer Into Anvil No.6 is followed down to the stone boat by No.'s 2 and 14 as he hides that large white envelope containing blank sheets of paper in the cabin. This again after the darkness of night has descended over the village.
    So as it turns out No.6 has seen many an evening and more than a couple of nights during his captivity in the village, so who does he think he's trying to kid?

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