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Friday 30 December 2011

The Therapy Zone

The Rain In Your Hair, the Rain On Your Cheek –
                  So why the Lotus Elan?

    In the episode the Girl Who Was Death No.6, or should I say Mr.'X', drives a metallic blue Lotus Elan with the registration LVF 120E and you will observes the 120E being only a couple of letters, and years, from the registration of the Lotus Seven KAR 120C.
     And perhaps that is the car Mr. 'X' should have been driving, seeing as how Mr. 'X' and the Prisoner are one and the same. However this fairy tale which No.6 is telling both the children, and in which both No.'s 2 and 10 are involved as Napoleon and Josephine, is actually an unused Danger Man script, according to Prisoner legend. But John Drake never drove a Lotus Elan. He did drive various cars of the various countries he visited in line with his work, the Aston Martin DB2/4 and the Aston Martin DB2/4MkII, Mercedes-Benz 220, the Bedford Van CA MK2 and the Citroen DS being five examples. But another example would be the Austin Mini Cooper ‘S’ registration 731 HOP. This is the car which John Drake drives in several of his 50 minute adventures, it even has a GB sticker on the boot. So Drake is used to taking his Austin Mini Cooper ‘S’ car abroad with him, as he does to Spain in the episode The Man With The Foot.
   So if The Girl Who Was Death is as thought, an unused Danger Man episode, why not then the Austin Mini Cooper S? Well I suppose McGoohan had left Danger Man behind, and he had always strongly insisted officially, that the Prisoner is not John Drake. Also seeing as how it was 'Lotus Cars' who had supplied the Lotus Seven, but originally wanting McGoohan to have the Lotus Elan, then possibly saw their chance to get their car in the Prisoner series after all, if only for the episode of The Girl Who Was Death.


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