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Saturday 31 December 2011

Postcard From The Village

   In the past I've been asked if Postcard From The Village is anything like A Letter From America? Well no, not really, but it has had that kind of feel to it on occasion.

    I think it was a mistake bringing No.6 to the village. If 'they' had left well alone life here would still be going on in the style it always has done. No.6 is a goat you see, and the majority of citizens here in the village are sheep. So when a goat is brought in amongst so many sheep, well, things begin to happen.
   I remember a time when No.6, pictured here in his dark blazer, started wearing a cream blazer with black piping. I asked No.6 why he was wearing it. He told me that he fancied a change. Well I can tell you this, it gave me quite a shock when one afternoon I was passing by the Recreation Hall, and outside there were two No.6's! They began to fight, and the one in the dark blazer was knocked to the ground. I thought two goats in the village, things would soon begin to happen. But as long as they cannot agree between themselves, they'll not be causing too much trouble for anyone else.
    I've never tried to escape. I have always been happy and content living here in the village. I came here of my own free will you see, to escape you might say. At least I'll never be found here, wherever here is. Oh I'm not a Guardian, or Observer, or anything grand like that. I have no authority of any kind, nor do I seek any. Oh but I do contribute to the community, unlike that idler No.6, he doesn't contribute anything. But he still expects to be looked after, for as long as he lives here. Me? I'm a window cleaner, plain and simple as that. What's more I like to mind my own business, keep myself to myself I do. I live in the village quietly and undisturbed.

             Lord Lucan!

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