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Wednesday 21 December 2011

Interview With The Prisoner Patrick McGoohan - Continued

So let us continue Number Six. Can you tell me the date of your birth?
Four thrity one am nineteenth of March nineteen twenty-eight
Very good. What's the registration number of your car?
KAR 120C.
Engine number of your car?
Four six one o three four T Z.
You see, you can do it. Now why did you resign?
How many more times are you going to ask me that?
As many times as it takes. Why do you think you were brought here?
You tell me!
Do you know how you were brought here?
I was unconscious at the time if you remember.
You clearly do.
Look, why don't you simply fill me full of drugs, take what you want and be done with it?
Where would be the fun in that Number Six? If I wanted to do that, all I would have to do is take you out into the Therapy Zone, get you drunk and listen as you talked your head off.
I can hold my drink.
Not that time in the Mops and Brooms public house.
You were physically sick.
I'd been poisoned!
Had you? What evidence do you have for that?
The words on the bottom of the glass.
Merely words, they prove nothing. You may not have been poisoned at all!
What.....then why?
To achieve the same effect it did I suppose. That is, you in the gents with your head down the toilet throwing up. Not a pretty picture I have to admit. Perhaps you're not quite as clever as you like to think you are, eh Number six!
Alright! I resigned because for a very long time...............
And there we will call it time Number Six. We can take this up again tomorrow.
What?......But I was about to.......
Yes of course you were Number Six. The trouble is I've heard it all before. So when you are ready to talk, to tell me the truth, I'll listen.
To be continued.....................

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