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Saturday 31 December 2011

Questions Are A Burden To Others - Answers A Prisoner For Onself

    So how would The Prisoner resign today, by email, text message or is he still stuck in the 1960's?
   After watching the episode Hammer Into Anvil, why would No.6 hide blank sheets of paper in the Stone Boat. And perhaps more importantly, why would No.2 believe he would in the first place?
    I could tell it was the voice of No.6 when No.2 played the tape for the doctor-head of Psychiatrics. So why couldn't they? Or was the speech pattern of No.6 simply used as concrete evidence so that the doctor could deny nothing and lie his way out of it?
   No.6 doesn't wear his numbered badge, there are at least four other citizens who do likewise, can you name them?
    Is No.2 of Hammer Into Anvil Thorpe of Many Happy Returns?
    The kiosk sells picture postcards of the village. With no external post, why should any citizen post a picture postcard of the village to any other citizen?
    At the kiosk in it's Your Funeral No.6 makes three purchases, a bar of soap, a copy of the newspaper and...................?
    What is the name of the wooden gizmo which the Manager of the Labour Exchange toys with as he puts his questions to the Prisoner and later No.2 in Once Upon A Time as the Judge?
    Is there any meaning to either the black or white badges worn by the citizens of the village, and the fact that the penny farthing faces either right or left?
    What is it that the photographer was going to do to Sherlock Holmes on the Roller Coaster?
    What was Professor Shnipps plan?
    What was it No.6 promised the children in the nursery he would do?
    In The Girl Who Was Death, what was in Potter's cricket bag?
    Where is the Funfair in The Girl Who Was Death and what is its name?
    Is that a chair with the blue flashing light in the council chamber of Free For All? If it is, then who is it for?


  1. Why, to keep my mind free I guess I'd better not try to answer those multiple questions then! ;-)

    David, very best wishes for 2012 to you and yours!

  2. Hello 731 HOP,

    Nice response.

    Very best wishes to you, and a very happy New Year for 2012.