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Tuesday 27 December 2011

The Village Is Not So Very Different

   I am reminded by an old friend that the village is not so different from the capital of London after all. With its dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral, or even that of the Old Bailey, St. Stephens Tower where the bell "Big Ben" is housed, and somewhere in between the Prisoner's home of
No.1 Buckingham Place
   So where do these structures fit into the village? Well quite obviously they wouldn't, not being of the scale of buildings that they are. However the village does enjoy their equivalents, the Green Dome for example, the Bell Tower and somewhere in between there is  '6 Private', although this cottage contains only the study room of No.1 Buckingham Place. So using a little imagination the village can be a real "home from home" but with more pleasant architecture, and a more pleasing atmosphere for the majority of its citizens. It's really only those of No.6's disposition who take against it!
    You see all you want is here, and all they want you to be, is happy!

I'l be seeing you

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