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Saturday 24 December 2011

The Girl Who Was Death

    There have been those who have seen the episode The Girl Who Was Death as being somewhat contrived, that it may actually be an indication what the people behind the Prisoner were thinking about when they were changing the creation of twenty-six episodes.
   It might appear that ideas within the village were being exhausted, and that there was a new but unsatisfactory emphasis on episodes such as this, that were being used outside the village. This then has something in common with Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling, although having said that, there is more of the village in the latter episode, than that of the former. But not of Living In Harmony, because although there is the American pioneer town of Harmony, No.6 never actually left the village. Not with Harmony actually being part of the village, you will have noticed the Recreation Hall in both Living In Harmony, The Chimes of Big Ben, and The Schizoid Man
   But if Living In harmony is the most American of episodes, then the Girl Who Was Death is quintessentially English. No.6 in the guise of Mr X takes his place in the batting order at the wicket in a game of cricket. He enjoys a quiet pint at his local public house, and even takes to the ring in a bout of the noble art of pugilism.
    The Girl Who Was Death for me is an enjoyable break between the mind change No.6 went through during Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling and what was to come, the ultimate test sealed in that Embryo Room of Once Upon A Time. A fairytale, all be it a dangerous fairytale, which takes us back to the days of John Drake and Danger Man. Something to be taken for nothing more than what it is, pure escapism to be enjoyed between two torturous episodes. The one not knowing if he would be restored to the man he was, and the other having to be the one or the other, which could result in the death of either one of them. And believe you me, there won't be much fun in that!

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