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Saturday 24 December 2011

Madame Engadine Stargazer Extraordinaire

 Aquarius {Jan 21-Feb 19}
    You are set on act of betrayal. Someone close to you with who you have a genuine mental link, someone who has been kind to you, has helped you develop your skill. Think twice before you let another persuade you on this course of action. There are no second chances.

Pisces: Feb {20-Mar 20}
    You have become dissatisfied with your position. Can no longer live with your conscience, you need time to think and the action you are about to take will see you embarking on a long journey. there will be new horizons, new opportunities for you.

Aries {Mar 21-Apr 20}
    There's been a cock up along the way. A mistake made by you has let another down. But don't worry, he will get a second chance, another bite of the apple.

Taurus {Apr 21-May 21}
    There's someone nasty just arrived in the village. But you can see that he will not last any longer than those who came before him. bide your time, do his bidding and all will be won in the end.

Gemini {May 22-Jun 21}
    That's not the password, its Schizoid Man. There's a tough time, and dangers ahead. Here you are with another man's face, deposited here in the village not at all to your liking. But the pain will end, although the air you find is suffocating.

Cancer {Jun 22-Jul 23}
    You are going to celebrate someone's birthday. You will bake a cake with six candles upon it. Although you will not be long here amongst us, you will have been successful.

Leo {Jul 24-Aug 23}
    You like to do things your way. Like another before you, you now have a second bite of the apple. But beware, its going to be either one of you, yourself or another, although you will begin to like someone who might be a better man than you.

Virgo {Aug 24-Sep 23}
    You're in love, but your love is not reciprocated. But perhaps he could learn to love you. But beware a man in a piped blazer, he wears an old school scarf about his neck. And there's a woman in white who means you ill. Follow your man and your hearts desire.

Libra {Sep 24-Oct 23}
    Its later than you think. Your health is not what it was, what with all that stress you are under, its no wonder you have an ulcer. Try to relax more, after all if someone can't chuck up a job, things have come to a pretty pass.

Scorpio {Oct 24-Nov 22}
    You came here as a maid to No. 2, having seen an opposite number expelled from his home. Soon you will be left here all alone. My advice to you would be to seek out employment. Make a list of what you are good at, making sandwiches is one, so a job at the cafe perhaps.

Sagittarius {Nov 23-Dec 21}
    You are the man behind the power. But sometimes you feel that your talents have not been fully recognised. Don't worry, after a short spell away, due to no fault of your own, you will once again return to your domain and receive the respect of all about you.

Capricorn {Dec 22-Jan 20}
    You are a natural voyeur, an observer of life with which you may never get involved. Someone you got to know very well will die, but then he never knew you did he. Surely there must be more to life than this. A man is soon to come into your life, get to know him, watch him and have nothing to do with his questions. Remember that questions are a burden and answers a prison for oneself.

Madame 'E'.

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