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Sunday 11 December 2011

The Therapy Zone

What Are Facts Behind Town Hall?

    The Town Hall is the nerve centre for the villages administration department, the council offices, the council chamber from which the elected Town Council administers the village, making decisions on behalf of the community, for the good of the community. A place where one might go before the committee before being posted as unmutual.
    One might be forgiven for thinking that No.2, Chairman of the village, has carte blanche over every aspect of village administration only that does not appear to be the case especially when it comes to The General. No.2 himself has to report to the board of Top-Hat officials, the Board Room in the Town Hall. As it the Professors study, the Generals office and television studio. The cipher room, projection room, the Control Room, No.2’s living quarters, and a series of corridors.
    The Town Hall is also choosey about who it lets in, almost as though it’s a living organism! Certainly it’s well protected by an electrical force-field, as No.6 found out during Dance of the Dead. And once inside the Town Hall security is of the highest level. Everywhere you go is controlled by check-points at which you are challenged by a disembodied voice through a speaker. Progress through any such check-point is strictly controlled via the use of 'Security Pass Discs.' Should one attempt to pass through a check-point without first using a security pass discs, then you encounter the same electrical force-field as at the entrance of the Town Hall. Any second attempt to pass without a security pass disc is fatal! Which is rather apt really, as the village Mortuary is situated within the depths of the Town Hall, and as far as that goes, so too is the control room. Yet even with such sophisticated technology, not device is small enough, or simple enough to be put to use in the Village, such as the black ‘Magid Money Box ‘situated at checkpoints, out of which a small plastic hand emerges to take each Security Pass Disc.But hardly, one might have thought, a place for entertainment. Any such entertainment as the Ball during the evening of Dance of the Dead, such entertainment should in our opinion be reserved for The Palace of Fun. However seeing how the occasion allowed No.6 and that everyone was to have died, but No.6, then it would have been handy for the mortuary! And we see that No.2 is not just restricted to contact with No.1 by telephone. For No.2 of Dance of the Dead enjoys a very elaborately decorated room, sends her reports and receiving orders by Teletype! No.2 admitted as much to the Doctor-No.40, as she was about to enter that very same elaborately decorated room;

"You're late!" the doctor announces.
"There's a lot to do" No.2 responds
"You're going in?"
"To make my report" No.2 informs the doctor.
"I need a directive about Dutton, he's being rather difficult!" requests the doctor.

    So all in all we know a great deal regarding the facts behind the Town Hall, and those we do not remain safely, and securely locked away somewhere with its vaults. Or failing that, in that long room of filing cabinets on the way through to the Mortuary.

Be seeing you.

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