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Saturday 21 December 2013

60 Second Interview With No.48

    No.113 "Young man."
    No.48: "You got the message?"
    "No, I must have been out of the office at the time."
    "All yours Dad!"
    "Well that's very kind of you No.48. I understand that you were once with us. But that then you "went and gone."
    "The bones is yours my Daddy."
    "Are you, or are you not, the former No.8?"
    "Knee bone, shin bone, all yours Dad!"
    "I take it......."
    "Take, take, take take........."
    "You're not going to sing are you?"
    "Dem bone, dem bones......."
    "He is you know!"
    "....... gonna walk around, dem bones, dem bones. Oh the toe bones connected to the foot bone. The foot bones connected to the ankle bone..........."
No.113: "Sixty seconds, twenty-fives seconds is more than enough in this case!"

Be seeing you

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