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Sunday 22 December 2013

The Therapy Zone

  Here is a bus travelling along the desert road on it's way to The Village. Fair enough I suppose, but where has this bus travelled from in order to arrive in The Village as seen below.
   The bus is bringing "newcomers" to the Village, newcomers who are happy to see their new surroundings, excited, elated even to think of Two so soon after their arrival in The Village.
  And you will be pleased to observe that some people do still wear piped blazers or jackets in The modern day Village.
   So how do all these people actually arrive in The Village? Yes I know, they arrive on the bus, but where does the bus come from, yes I know The Village. So people get on the bus in The Village, are taken to The Village and have just arrived in The Village, which as one newcomer said "Isn't that the wildest thing!"
   People arrive in The Village unconsciously, and The Village is contained in the unconscious mind of Helen, the wife of Curtis. These are people who like, Michael in his other life, have been watched and made reports on, sending those reports up to the next floor in the Summakor building. The unconscious Helen is on the next floor. Does that mean that Helen has to read, or have read to her by Curtis, all those reports on hundreds upon hundreds of people who are to be taken to The Village? Or are we not supposed to think about it, but simply accept it? If I thought that, I'd be going against the original concept of the Prisoner created by Patrick McGoohan, and that is not to accept, or settle for things as they are, either experienced in life, or what you watch on the television, but to ask questions.

  McGoohan didn't like "in-Jokes" being put into the episodes of the Prisoner, unless of course he put an in-joke in, and at the expense of others. Such as during The Chimes of Big Ben when No.6 suggested that No.2 could wink a blind surveillance eye, meaning that one of Leo McKern's eyes is false!

   Two knows the very secret of life "Breath in, breath out, more Village." Well I could have told him that, apart from the more Village bit of course. So in other words the secret of life is keep breathing!
   What they do these Jammers do is talk, they talk about the plots they've been hatching. Escapes mostly. But plans and developments for all kinds of mischief. They do it to confuse the observers. The plots they talk about, these Jammers, are always make-believe. Non-existent. But control can't know this until they've checked them out. They used to run themselves ragged investigating the schemes of Jammers, but they don't do it any more. Now they keep a list of all known Jammers, and anything control picks up from these, they just let ride! So technically a known Jammer could escape, on the grounds that control do not believe what a Jammer might be getting up to, they simply let him, or her, get on with it. Thus arriving at a practical scheme, escape might be possible for a Jammer!
   So why didn't a Jammer ever try use a practical scheme to escape? Well perhaps to Jammers it is easier to cause mischief, to throw a spanner in the works of the Village as being the next best thing to actually coming up with a practical and viable way of escape. But how do we know that No.118 was not Jamming when he explained the above to No.6?

    Number Two is not the only person to speak with Number One. The Supervisor-Number Twenty-eight spoke briefly to Number One in the early part of ‘It's your Funeral,’ but the question is, whose voice did the Supervisor hear, and did he recognise it?

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