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Thursday 19 December 2013

The Therapy Zone

Evacuate - Evacuate - Evacuate
   It must have been one hell of a task, evacuating the entire village at a moments notice. I wonder if everyone got away in time - the old people, the sick from the hospital, and where would everyone go? I mean the Village has been a closely guarded secret, with only the most trusted able to come and go. But now, there's an evacuation of the entire Village, people are free, and they will instinctively talk. So, even if one can control such an evacuation, where do you put the citizens? They cannot be allowed to roam free, they'll be in need of a camp somewhere to put them in, especially those "born to the Village," I mean what would the outside world be like for them, having known nothing but the Village?
  But what if not everyone was lucky to get away in the sudden evacuation of the village? And what of the Village itself, it was not destroyed as the rocket blasted out of it's underground silo. So it's possible that the good citizens of the Village were eventually returned to it.
    Some call the Village a prison, and yet to others it's home!

An Invited Speaker
     I was then reminded yesterday by my wife, that in the 1960's when someone of high ranking, power and position, was asked to speak at the Students union, at any University, the radical section of the Students Union wouldn't let the speaker be heard. They would shout the speaker down, and generally make so much noise that the speaker could not be heard.
    This in the same way that the Prisoner, or sir as he became known, was invited to address the members of the assembly, but was then shouted down by those members, so that the speaker could not be heard!

    During that episode of The Schizoid Man, it comes to a point of fisty-cuffs outside the Recreation Hall between No.6 and No.12. No.6 punches No.12, or is it the other way round, to the ground. The ground is wet and sandy, yet when No.6 or No.12 gets up off the ground his attire is unsoiled!

   No.6 might have told No.2 a blessed fairy tale, but with the Prisoner was Patrick McGoohan doing just the same? There is more for children in the Prisoner series than you might at first imagine. Certainly at the tender age of 12 years the Prisoner certainly captured my imagination, as it had for many, many others.!

Hiding Behind A Mask!
   We can see that No.1 hides behind a number of masks until they are stripped away to reveal a face we know so very well, that of Patrick McGoohan. And really when all's said and done, no-one but an egotistical person would make himself No.1?
   But there are others who put their true identities behind a mask, those faceless men and women of the assembly for a start. Yet false identities are stripped away, as No.2's persona has died, and he is resurrected as a new man {I say this simply for arguments sake} his true self having been left back in the cage. Or perhaps the personal mask he wore as No.2. It could be said that the old mask of No.2 was stripped away by the removal of his hair and goatee beard. And having been so stripped away - No.2 can no longer hide!
  As for No.48, well he doesn't appear to hide behind a mask of any kind. With No.48 what you see is what you get, and in that perhaps No.48 is the purist of us all.

Be seeing you

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