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Friday 20 December 2013

The Therapy Zone

No.1 = No.6's Alter Ego?
   There's only one thing wrong with that small equation, only in the allegorical can you meet your own alter ego, your inner self. You cannot physically come face to face with your other self. So surely the identity of No.1 is simple - Patrick McGoohan is No.1, but in the guise of No.12-Curtis who went totally "tonto" after his encounter with Rover in ‘The Schizoid Man!’

Point Of Observation
   When you watch, pardon the pun, the scene where No.6 pulls up his sleeve to show his mole, which he hasn't got. You can observe that the stainless steel watch band is already undone when he pulls the sleeve of his blazer up. I have always wondered why No.2 should wear his watch with the band undone. Truth to tell, you can only see No.2 undo the stainless steel watch band if you view it frame by frame!

Who Is No.2?
   If anyone knows, perhaps Nadia knows. Go on then Nadia, tell No.6 who No.2 is..... we all want to know, those who are watching

    No detail was missed or over looked with the schizoid man. He even wore a false mole on his left wrist, No.6's leather strap wrist watch. But hang on, didn't they get it wrong with No.6 wearing that badge? No.6 never wore a badge like that. Well he did once, and only for a few seconds, and Then again when in the guise of Curtis when pretending to be No.6 -I think!

Our old Friend Curtis
   It's no wonder he went completely tonto! Brought to a strange Village, forced to impersonate No.6, not only impersonate but steal his whole soul! And knowing what No.6 is like, that's no mean task in anyone’s book.
   And then he's attacked by Rover, the Village Guardian, and after he'd given the correct password! Then after being taken to hospital, well the after effects can be pretty nasty, Curtis is kept in the Village, well he can't be allowed to leave the Village, and he can't be allowed to wander the village, not with that face! So Curtis is kept in isolation.
   And then the day comes, the day of reckoning in ‘Fall Out.’ When Cutis is wheeled out of isolation, and forced once more to impersonate No.6...... well to do it once was bad enough for Curtis, but to have to do through it again a second time, well that was bound to be enough to send poor old Curtis completely round the twist!

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