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Tuesday 31 December 2013

The Therapy Zone

Things To Do Today
   These are the words written on the Prisoner's desk pad. Now who do you think would be sending the Prisoner flowers? This image was taken from the episode of Arrival, and the only person who might very well send flowers to the Prisoner would be his fiancée Janet Portland. Ah, but then Janet Portland wasn't written into the Prisoner until the episode ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’ by Vincent Tilsley. At the time of the writing of the script for Arrival written by George Markstein and David Tomblin, Janet Portland had never been thought of, let alone the Prisoner having a fiancée. So I just wonder who had been sending the Prisoner flowers? It must have been someone he knew, someone close to him to warrant the sending of a thank you note. This is one of the enigmas of the Prisoner that can never be answered, something we can live without knowing, but at the same time something to speculate about in a quiet moment.

It’s Inexplicable!
  That No.6 and No.2 should enjoy such an instant rapport during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben.’ What I mean is that such a relationship needs time to grow, you can have an instant liking or disliking for someone, but not to instantly enjoy such a rapport with someone. So logic dictates that this particular No.2-Leo Mckern had been in the Village a good deal sooner than in Chimes. Such a period of time between Arrival and ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ which the viewer is not privy to.

   The Supervisor-No.28 played by Peter Swanwick. It is this Supervisor who tells the viewer that the Prisoner's number is 6. It is he who foils the Prisoner's first escape attempt, who gives the order "Orange alert". This character is memorable in the Prisoner, because if he is not actually on the screen in person, he is there in stock footage. He is a heartless individual, unswervingly loyal to the village, although varying his behaviour towards the various No.2's. He carries out his duties with a marked efficiency, but is not afraid to question his superiors, and at times to act on his own initiative. If No.2 is only second to one, then this particular Supervisor must surely be third to one! Yet there is more to this character than first meets the eye, because after taking the Prisoner to meet No.1 in that cavern somewhere beneath the Village, this Supervisor dons a white robe and mask and takes his place amongst the delegates of the Assembly. This indeed puts the Supervisor on a completely different level, and one higher than No.2 I should have thought.
   There can be no doubt as to where this persons allegiances lie, and that he is very much part of the establishment cannot be denied. I think he is a man who enjoys his work, his stomach not turned at some of the things he is forced to witness. And doesn't turn a hair at the things he is told to do.

    The General  sees No.2 is brought back for a second term of office, although he's still suffering from his stomach ulcer, but this time its nothing to do directly with No.6. Only indirectly does No.2 become involved with No.6, because No.6 sees fit to poke his nose in where its not wanted.
   A computer is destroyed, both the Professor and No.12 of Administration are dead, through electrocution. A complete and utter defeat for No.2!

Be seeing you, well maybe, but not so this No.2!

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