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Sunday 29 December 2013

Thought For The Day

    It was once asked why No.6 didn't himself attempt to escape in 'It's Your Funeral,' he had the detonator in his hands, who would question it's authority? That is perfectly true. But on the other hand, who was there for No.6 to trust in order to stop the new No.2 from removing the Great Seal of Office {containing the explosive} from around his shoulders as No.6 does in the scene?.....No-one. No.2 would have removed the Great Seal of Office immediately, and ordered the helicopter pilot to return to the Village, which it did in any case. No.6 could have made a dash for the helicopter with detonator in hand, over-powered the pilot and piloted the helicopter himself  as he did in 'Arrival.' But then you'll recall that during that escape attempt the helicopter was flown back to the Village via remote control. Just a minute.....isn't that "Drone" technology which is used so much today by the armed forces?


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