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Monday 23 December 2013

Put On Trial by our own reporter

   Joseph K, was arrested, and put on 'trial' for a crime he did not know, nor had he committed. No-one would take him seriously at his trial, at which he was found guilty. Taken away, and..... murdered!
   No.6 on the other hand, was put on trial for the simple crime of possessing a radio set. That's not a crime? Well if it had been anywhere else but here in the village I would agree with you. But when it is forbidden to listen to such radio sets, for fear of citizens hearing word from the outside world, well it becomes a more serious crime.
   Three judges presided over the proceedings. They heard from the prosecutor, and the defender. However, the Prisoner was not allowed to address the court, but instead asked for a character witness to be brought forward, Roland Walter Dutton, but to ill effect I'm sorry to say. What the character witness would have said, if capable, we, and the court, shall never know.
   As for the Prisoner, well he was found guilty as charged, and duly sentenced to death! The judges sentenced in the name of the people, the People carry out the sentence in the name of justice. However, for No.6, unlike Joseph K, there was a reprieve. Why? I cannot say, not being privy to the inner most working of village administration.
   Some would have it that the Prisoner was placed on trial a second time, in Fall Out.' But this is incorrect. The Prisoner, who became known as "Sir" was never put on trial, unlike No.48, and the "late" No.2. Sir was given the opportunity to address the delegates of the assembly, but wasn't allowed to be heard! Why? Well perhaps the delegates already knew what "Sir" was going to say, and simply weren’t prepared to listen to his have crazed rantings!

Our own reporter'

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