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Saturday 14 December 2013

A Short Story - Call It What You Like!

   The arrival of John Simms in the village was as easy as a,b, and c, what's more there was no fall out due to his abduction. It was a lovely, peaceful as John Simms took his first tentative steps out in the Village, he met a man, the Schizoid man, who gave him an invitation to the Dance of the Dead. John Simms said that he wouldn't go, the schizoid man replied "Oh well, it's your funeral!"
   John Simms ventured further into the Village and met with a waitress who was just opening the cafe. "We'll be open in a minute" she told her potential customer. "Is there a telephone?" he asked. "We haven't got one, but there a phone box round the corner" the waitress told him.
   On his way round to the phone box John Simms heard the village clock chime, it reminded him of London and the chimes of big Ben. when he got there the General was in the phone box, by the sound of his voice he was going hammer and anvil with someone on the other end. Suddenly the General slammed down the receiver and stormed out of the phone box. "That sounded like a right free for all!" said John Simms. "Once upon a time one could make a telephone call in complete privacy!" said the General storming of.
   John Simms had a change of mind about making a telephone call, all he wanted to say to Silvis was "do not forsake me oh my darling," but what would be the point, she was never one for living in harmony, what’s more the last time he'd gone away for a month or more, there was no many happy returns for him. Silvia was more like the girl who was death! Oh well, now I'm here I may as well try and settle down, "checkmate I think!"
    "How many more do you know?" No.2 asked.
    "A few more!" John Simms replied with a smile.

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