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Wednesday 18 December 2013

The Prisoner Under The Spotlight

Cobb - whose suicidal death was faked in Arrival, as indeed was his funeral but a sad affair for No.9 nonetheless for that. So Cobb, who was alive and well, was allowed to leave the village "Mustn’t keep my new masters waiting" Cobb tells the new No.2. Cobb promises to give them No.2's compliments, and will tell them that there are no loopholes.
    Hang on a minute! Hasn't Cobb just exploited one loophole? Soon he'll be back in London, supposedly to work for his new masters. But this also opens up the possibility of Cobb being able to simply disappear once he is back in the old country!
   No loopholes, I think Cobb found such a loophole and exploited it so as to escape the Village! Even if Cobb did go working for his new masters, he had in fact escaped the Village! 
   No.2 of 'The Schizoid Man,' so confident, so assured. He failed in one respect, in breaking No.6, but succeeded in stopping No.6 from escaping the village. But even though this man is very clever, why did he need to use passwords when it came to identifying No.6 and his twin No.12? After all both were wearing different blazers, No.6 his regular dark blazer, and No.6 a cream blazer! Also who did he become friends with Curtis in the first place? And was he aware of Curitise's look-a-alike features to No.6 in a previous to their arrival in the Village?
   Fotheringay who was on old friend and colleague of the Prisoner's, who gave the impression that he couldn't wait to see him, but who just as quickly stabbed his old friend in the back! What's more Fotheringay seemed to have no conscience about what he'd done to help the Colonel. All he wanted to know was what his next assignment would be!
   It would appear that even No.6 felt the desire to hang onto his identity, his number I mean. Because in the village his identity had been taken away from him, and the only way he knew of knowing who he is, is by his number. So when they tried to take even that from him, No.6 fought like a demon to keep it. But who is he supposed to be now? He's not wearing his old school blazer, in fact he appears to be quite negative about the whole thing, wouldn't you say?
   So here's No.6, who was 12, but then having gained his personna back, 6 has elected to become 12 again! That's a possitive move on No.6's part as he attempts to escape in the guise of Curtis. No.2 might not be one hundred percent as to who is sat with him in the back of the taxi, that time they took a ride to the helicopter together. But No.24-Alison knows who No.6 is, and if given a second chance she wouldn't betray No.6 in the way she had. But there are no second chances. And Alison-No.24 doesn't seem to be the type who could hold out against the use of torture! I hope No.2 had No.6's file brought up to date, I mean about the removal of that mole once on his left wrist!

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