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Monday 30 December 2013

Village Propaganda

    This is a demonstration of "Village Propaganda," a poster proclaiming the benefits of Speedlearn. A three year course in three minutes, its improbable, but not impossible, as anything is possible here in the Village.
  And here, a poster depicting the face of the Professor, which seems more akin to that of "Big Brother." A kindly Professor, but somehow he doesn't appear to be so kindly on these posters. I mean would you trust him?
    Subliminal teaching doesn't seem to sit right with me. I mean if you can put history inside someone’s head, you can put anything, and make anyone believe anything to be the truth.
   Another form of propaganda is this poster once seen about the village, with a face of a man who can sound friendly, but even then there's no mistaking the chill in his voice. "Your Community Needs You!" of course it does, but this poster might very well remind you of a certain poster with the face of General Kitchener on it along with the words "Your Country Needs You!" Very quick to adapt something else for their needs is the Village Administration.
    And even No.6 wasn't averse to spouting village propaganda, that was during the elcetion period of Free For All. "The community can rest assured that their interests are very much my own and that anything I can do to maintain the security of the citizens will be primary objective...... be seeing you." And again from the stoneboat "There are those who come in here and deny that we can supply every conceivable civilised amenity within our bounderies. You can enjoy yourselves and you will. You can partake of the most hazardous sports and you will. the price is cheap. All you have to do in return is give us information. You are then eligable for promotion to other and higher spheres. Where do you desire to go? What has been your dream? I can supply it. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, it can all be yours. Apply to me and it will be easier and better."
   Well I'm not so sure about that, because as it happened power went straight to the No.2's head, and had to be instantly replaced by a New No.2!
   There's a line which the reporter for The Tally Ho who wrote in his note book "Our exports will operate in every corner of the globe," and you can't get more propaganda than that, or can you? Because there's that night time voice, No.6 has heard it, and so have you. You know when you can't get to sleep, this quiet, almost seductive female voice comes over the loudspeaker "Sleep, sleep, sleep... that's it.... sleep softly until tomorrow... lovely gentle sleep..... and a lovely tomorrow." That "Lovely tomorrow" is the worrying bit, because even those two words sounds like Village propaganda!
   Whether or not this article is allowed to be published, I cannot say. It could be seen to be anti-propaganda, which is propaganda in itself. And if that's the case of the matter, then I'm as bad as all the others here in the village. And I'd hate to be as bad as some of my fellow citizens here.

Be seeing you

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