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Sunday 15 December 2013

The Therapy Zone

Alternative Chimes
    The script for ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ is like any other script, for compared to what we see on the screen, there are changes which have been made to the original script. Such as;
Old lady passes No.2 by with her shopping basket: "Lovely day."
No.2: "Indeed."
Old Lady: "Look. See what I've bought, wool. I'm going to weave a shawl for the exhibition."
No.2: "Very good No.38. There's a special prize for your age group I believe. Be seeing you."
Old lady: "And you."
   They then salute each other and No.2 approaches the table on the lawn of the Old People's Home, just as the General is standing up.

   {Luckily for No.6, No.38's shawl project becomes a tapestry! A shawl for a sail just doesn't quite cut it in my book.}

The face Of A Defector!
    He once knew the Prisoner, once they had been friends. They do the same job, if for different reasons. But as 'A' here told the Prisoner “Whatever way you look at it, we both want to conquer the world.” Ah, but learning what we do from ‘Fall Out,’ is 'A' speaking to the Prisoner, or No.1?

  Some little time ago I put forward the theory that No.1 may have been Curtis of ‘The Schizoid Man,’ well as it happens a friend of mine messaged me on facebook, both he and his two sons are ardent fans of the Prisoner. It was his eldest one who said that "Curtis is No.1, he has to be!" And that's through no prompting from me, I'd never even suggested to him such a thing. But quite obviously we are both on the same wavelength. The Prisoner, as seen through the eyes of a child.

   I'm not sure if the Group Captain, in ‘Many Happy Returns,’ was in on the plot to return the Prisoner to the Village, or was simply over powered by the Milkman! In any case that milkman was very quick dressing in that flying suit!

The Prisoner
    No.6 has no idea if it is the west training him up to top indoctrination resistance. Or if it is the East trying to break him. But he does know that he has got to resist every effort to make him talk.

Be seeing you

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