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Saturday 21 December 2013

Manipulation Of A Scene!

    During No.6's speech in the Council Chamber in ‘Free For All,’ No.6 addresses the "tailors dummies" he holds up the latest issue of The Tally Ho and asks "Is this, Is this how they tried to break you till they got what they were after?"
   Yet in ‘Once Upon A Time’ - during No.2's review of the progress report on No.6 - in that same clip of film, he is heard to ask the "tailors dummies" "Is this how they started to break you before you gave them what they were after?"
   I wonder what caused Patrick McGoohan to re-dub the line, or was the scene filmed twice, and the other used for the clip seen in ‘Once Upon A Time?’ We shall never know, however it is a curious point.

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