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Thursday 12 December 2013

Panic Stricken Citizens!

   Fall Out sees the Village citizens in a blind panic, running this way and that, as the Village is to be evacuated. There is nothing calm about the evacutation, it's carried out as a "free for all," in many cases every man and woman for themselves! I mean those citizens running away from the Village along the beach, where the hell do they think they are running to?
   It has been said why isn't the Village quietly evacuated in ‘Fall Out’ in the say way as it was before the morning of ‘Many Happy Returns?’ Well because the Village wasn't evacuated before the morning of ‘Many Happy Returns,’ that's why! So where was everyone? The citizens were having a lie-in caused by an extra large dose of sleeping draught in their night-cap. So as No,6 was building his raft, and making ready to set off on his sea voyage, the citizens slept peacefully in their cottages. And those who actually work in the Village, were simply kept out of sight of No.6, so as not to give the game away. The only question remains, is for how long?

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