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Saturday 28 December 2013

Quote For The Day

    "You, you of all people. I'd never have believed it!"
                               {Roland Walter Dutton - Dance of the Dead}
    Dutton seemed surprised to see the Prisoner-No.6 in the Village, perhaps because he's the last person he thought he would see there. He probably thought his old colleague would be clever enough not let himself get caught in the first place!
    Once upon a time there must have been a deep lined trust between Dutton and No.6 in their previous work of employment. They could have been friends, judging by the suggestion made by No.6 that there's still hope. I only say that because Dutton doesn't question the fact that his old colleague is there in the Village as a prisoner, after all No.6 could have been a plant working for the Village, but Dutton doesn't question that, unlike the Rook in 'Checkmate.' But perhaps that's because Dutton realises that his fate is sealed, and for a few minutes at least, it's good to see an old friendly face.

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