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Monday 23 December 2013

The Therapy Zone

    No.66 the ex-Admiral, who shares the same number in the same episode as the Prisoner's personal maid, but that's a continuity error, surely.
   I'm not so sure that the old fool is as senile as he makes out you know. He knows that "We're all pawns," and tells No.9 that to her face. He also enjoys a private little joke with No.6, when No.6 says he feels like a bit of a walk. The ex-Admiral suggests No.6 try the boat, he says that she's good in any weather, that he's sailed her many a time. But then perhaps the Prisoner was never in the Navy, and therefore unable to appreciate the ex-Admirals little joke. Indeed I didn't "get it," until I'd done some in-depth research into Stone Boats!

    The new No.2 here, Mrs Butterworth, is seen to wear a badge with a black background, a white penny farthing, and a white numeral 2.
   And it is the white numeral 2 which makes this badge unusual. As the norm for this "negative" style of badge is to have a red 2. As far as I am aware, this is the only badge of it's kind in the entire series of the Prisoner. This is one of the mysteries of ‘the Prisoner’ that will forever remain unexplained!

Fashionable And Trendy
   Never did a school blazer ever become so fashionable, trendy, and dare I say it? Yes even sexy! I wonder if it's simply because of the Prisoner that piped jackets and blazers have become very fashionable these passed few years, and remain so today, especially for the fairer sex. I bet Patrick McGoohan never thought a piped blazer from the Prisoner would be sexy!

    The Watchmaker-No.51 from ‘It's Your Funeral.’ He has met no-one in the Village who has committed a crime. He is an unwitting accomplice in the execution of No.2. He sees himself as being a radical, a reactionary, and anarchist to boot. He sees the assassination of No.2 as a way of waking the citizens of the Village out of their lethargy, and in a way that will not be forgotten.
   Why No.51 was brought to the Village in the first place is unknown. It might be that he was recruited through an employment bureau. Perhaps in so being, the Watchmaker, like the Professor and his wife, he came to the Village of his own free will, along with his wife, and possibly his daughter, if Monique was not actually born in the Village. But certainly the Watchmaker and his daughter are an indication of family life in the Village.
   Whether No.52 has allowed himself to be persuaded by No.100's indoctrination, or was a willing confederate, seeing as a way to achieve his own ends, will never be known. But there is one line which No.51 speaks, and I often use it myself saying "I must get on with my work!" It is a favourite line from the series.

The Prisoner
   You can just tell it's going to be one of those days, when you wake up and suddenly something feels different. Then as you make a search of the Village you discover that everyone's gone but you! Imagine, everyone escaped The Village but No.6. What could be worse than that? Me being left alone in the Village! Mind you, I don't have the necessary skills as our friend No.6 here. Oh I could chop down trees and probably make myself a raft. But then what? I'm no sailor, and have very limited navigational skills, and besides which, it's a very long way home! So if it were me in No.6's shoes, I'd probably have to sit down and wait to see what happens next. And if then no-one turns up, well I'd probably pack necessary provisions and head off across country, but keeping well away from those mountains!

Be seeing you

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